NAVP registered

Registered with the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists ensures the highest standards of care


Fully insured

Degree qualified

First class honours degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy

About me

Annastasia Cross is a Veterinary Physiotherapist who is a  member of the NAVP, she is a BSc (Hons) qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist and is fully insured. She specialises in Veterinary Physiotherapy for Horses and Dogs, with the focus on treatment and rehabilitation of competition horses. Anna provides a professional, friendly service, delivering a high standard of assessment and treatment, individually tailored to the specific needs of your animals. 

With experience in treating many types of horses and dogs, Anna uses her physiotherapy skills, in combination with knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, to help your animal’s needs.  Physiotherapy integrates a hands on treatment, with electrotherapy and remedial exercise prescription, specifically selected to improve: posture, performance, balance and strength.

Anna’s interest in Veterinary Physiotherapy stemmed from riding and competing her first horse Fizz, who later became unwell and needed rehabilitation. She was then introduced to a veterinary physiotherapist and McTimoney Animal Practitioner, who sparked an interest in rehabilitation and performance enhancement. This led her to pursue a career within the veterinary industry. On the canine side, she has worked with police dogs and became inspired to work in all aspects of canine rehabilitation, in addition to improving performance in the working and agility dog. 

During her university degree at Moreton Morrell Anna undertook a clinical placement module whereby she worked on individual equine and canine cases, including: agility dogs, working dogs and previously raced greyhounds. On the equine side, she was able to work with horses from all disciplines and ages. Throughout her degree, Anna gained invaluable experience dealing with a variety of cases both orthopedic and neurological, this developed her vocation as a veterinary physiotherapist.

During her spare time, Anna enjoys producing her young dressage horse Hugo, competing in British Dressage where he benefits from regular Physiotherapy for performance enhancement.