During a session

Before a consultation

Prior to your session, I kindly ask that the following points are followed to ensure an efficient assessment and treatment:

During the initial consultation

A thorough history will be taken during the initial consultation to complement the clinical history provided by your Veterinary Surgeon. This will involve a discussion about the current condition of your animal, including: any previous injury, illness or accident, home environment, routine, current medication and reason for referral. This will enable me to create a treatment plan following assessment. 

A full assessment of how your animal moves will be carried out, including a static and dynamic assessment.

You will be required to handle your animal so that their gait can be assessed. When assessing horses, lunging and ridden work may be applicable for a full assessment. 

Following the gait analysis, tissues and range of motion of joints will be assessed. This allows identification of areas of heat, pain, inflammation, altered muscle state, differences in range of motion and imbalances. 

 Relevant treatment 

Once findings have been collated, treatment aims will be created and subsequent treatment will be carried out. 

Depending on the findings during assessment, a range of modalities will be used. However treatments may differ between sessions depending on your animal’s needs. 

A tailored home exercise programme will be created for your animal. Each exercise will be demonstrated and practiced. 

Following the initial consultation, subsequent sessions will be reduced to 1 hour unless otherwise arranged. A full assessment of your animal will be carried out to assess progress from previous sessions, in addition to treatment and an altered exercise programme if needed.