Under the Veterinary Surgeons Exemption Order (2015) a referral form is required to be completed by your Vet prior to a Veterinary Physiotherapy treatment. This is in addition to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, which details that animals should only be treated by persons qualified to do so. On this basis, I am unable to treat your animal unless I have received a referral form from your Veterinary Surgeon. This is important, as certain conditions and medications may render Veterinary Physiotherapy unsuitable. Therefore by working closely with your Veterinary Surgeon, we can ensure the best possible treatment is provided for your animal. 

Click on the links below to download the Veterinary Referral form and Owner Consent Form, once completed please return to Alternatively please provide me with your Vet’s details and I can contact them on your behalf.

Owner Consent Form

Veterinary Referral Form