What our clients say...

“I would highly recommend Anna for first class treatment! Anna ensured she explained the process and was highly professional throughout, her calm and reassuring nature made my horse who can sometimes be nervous relax and enjoy the treatment. Anna advised a clear plan for me and my horse to work towards post treatment. I have already noticed a massive difference in my horse moving much more freely and issues we have had with disuniting in canter are now resolving after just one treatment.” .
“Anna treated my horse Spotty this year, i cant recommend her highly enough. She was very professional, approachable, smiley and calm in her manner. She explained everything throughout the assessment and treatment which really helped me understand the benefits of physiotherapy. Spotty responded really well to his treatment and I could not believe the amount of yawns he did and water he drank, all signs Anna described to me as positive release. I would highly recommend Anna for Veterinary Physiotherapy treatment.“
“I had Anna see Dexter after noticing a tender area behind his shoulder. She was amazing with him, so quiet, and caring, which speaks volumes. He relaxed straight into the session, which was lovely to see. She’s very knowledgeable, and was able to tell exactly what she was doing and how this would help him. Very professional, and I would highly recommend Anna.”
“Without a shadow of a doubt, I would highly recommend Anna Cross to deliver physio on your pet. Her professionalism and knowledge was outstanding: showing a clear understanding of my horse and making sure he received the right therapy. She was extremely thorough and patient (my horse is fidgety), working her magic on him. Her kind and friendly approach made it easy to ask her questions about the technical jargon I didn’t understand. Without making me feel stupid, she explained herself to me in a way that made it easy to understand and helped me get things right, so I could deliver the exercises he needed. Anna uses state of the art technology which included pulsed magnetic therapy and electrotherapy - I really noticed a difference in my horse after this treatment. You can tell she really loves what she’s doing and has a passion for it. She was very calm around my horse, which instantly put him at ease thus allowing her to treat him without hesitation. After the treatment, I was sent a detailed report, as a summary of her visit. This report was concise and comprehensive. I particularly like the pictures she took of Marley labelled with the muscle groups she worked on. She also outlined what treatment I should carry on with on my own. For example, stretches and back massage. I will definitely be using her services again. It takes a very special person to win over my horse and she had him at hello! Consider this my 5 star review (would go higher if there was an option). Looking forward to the next visit. Thank you so much, Anna.” .
“Anna came to treat both of my horses this year. She is very sympathetic and thorough. Her ability to find problem areas has made a huge difference to both horses way of going. She was professional and conscientious with her follow up. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” Consider this my 5 star review (would go higher if there was an option). Looking forward to the next visit. Thank you so much, Anna.” .
“ I can't recommend Anna highly enough, she has a calm and reassuring manner which relaxed my horse who can be somewhat sassy. Since treating her, her mood and way of going has improved greatly. Anna explained everything in layman's terms during her treatment which enabled me to understand and implement future exercises effectively. Anna’s knowledge, friendliness and sympathetic approach has improved both my horse’s and dog’s presentation through physiotherapy intervention.” Consider this my 5 star review (would go higher if there was an option). Looking forward to the next visit. Thank you so much, Anna.” .